1959 Cherry B3

special order
provincial cherry B3
with 122 Leslie

overview pic of 1959 B3

The organ is finished except for mounting the Leslie switch

Picture of the finished cabinet

Picture2 of the finished cabinet

The Cab is ready

Now everything goes back

Picture of Hammond tech Richard Vernon Tweeking the generator

Picture of Hammond tech Richard Vernon Tweeking the generator2

Hammond tech Richard Vernon

tweaking the generator

Picture of Zinc oxide growth (Hammond Hair)

This is a good shot of Zinc oxide growth or "Hammond hair"
It has all been removed from this organ

A look at how bad the manuals can get

A look at the funk in the manuals

After picture of cleaning the manuals

(The after picture) Manuals have been "Rust Checked"also

Picture of the chorus gear box

Picture of the chorus switch box

Picture of the percussion swith box

Chorus gear box

Chorus switch box

Percussion switch box

Picture of key contact pusher funk

Picture of key contact pusher funk2

Picture of instalation of new AC cable

Contact pusher funk

Contact pusher funk2

New AC cable installed

Picture of cleaned keys lower

Picture of preset bar funk

Picture of new up-stop felts

Clean keys lower

Preset bar funk "before"

New up-stop felts

Picture of the bus bar lub job

Picture of the generator installed

Bus bar lube job

Generator installed

Picture of the drawbar base contacts

Drawbar base contacts cleaned

Picture of cleaned keys upper manual

Picture of the drawbar base cover

Cleaned keys upper manual

Drawbar base cover

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