1972 B3 fix

1972 B3

What serial number?
We don't need no stinkin serial number
At least that's what someone thought
The serial number plate is missing

Picture of a 1972 Hammond B3

This cab was so bad that someone put two large bolts
right through the cab (see above) to stop it from rocking. It didn't work

Picture of a 1972 Hammond B3

Picture of a 1972 Hammond B3

This is one ugly organ but this is sometimes
what happens to organs on the road. If this one
rocked anymore, it would just fall over. (Side to side)

Inside the 1972 B3 Left

Inside the 1972 B3 center

Inside the 1972 B3 right

The only cheap solution was to brace it as shown above. Not pretty
but the organ was brought back to life and sold for a very low price.
P.S. I won't touch organs like this anymore.

Picture of repair job to 1972 B3

I guess if the fall board comes off as this one did,
the repair job that someone did is pretty good

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