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New! The manual can now be downloaded in a pdf document. It's 164 pages
and is 68.7 mb. I've have many requests for a downloadable version so here
it is. The price is $114.99USD and you can now pay via PayPal
For purchasing information just e-mail me.
The hard copy is no longer available.

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I've received so many requests for information on how to do certain jobs, that I decided
to write a step by step, "how to" manual, for the Hammond B3
The index (shown below), covers the general topics
with many sub-topics
not listed

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Picture of the contents page of the manual

B3 Manual hard copy, (No longer available!) See bottom of page:

The manual is 8 1/2" X 11" and has laminated covers, 164 pages with over 400 highest quality, full color pictures printed on "70lb text" pure white paper and has a metal coil binding. The reason for such high quality color pictures is due to the use of colored indicating arrows for identification of parts and Hammond's color coded wires. This is a very simple and comprehensive manual and takes you through every step with text and pictures. You don't have to be a technician or have had any previous experience working with Hammond organs to follow this manual. You may need to contact a technician at some point, depending on the condition of your organ but you will literally save thousands of dollars by doing this yourself. If you do need a technician to work on certain aspects that you cannot handle, at least the organ will be in an open state and there will be less time involved for the tech. Most musicians cannot afford to pay someone to completely overhaul their organ. The largest percentage of our customers have reached a level of success and can now fulfill there life long dream of owning a B3 in top condition. They don't buy them to take on the road. Working musicians, on the other hand, should know something about maintaining their own instrument even if they don't intend on doing a total re-build. Writing this manual was a labor of love and was a sincere effort to share the knowledge.

I hope it serves you well.

Some pages from the B3 Manual

Pictures from the B3 manual

Picture of the B3 manual

The hard copy is no longer available:

You can imaging my shock when learning the price for high quality color printing. I tried to keep the costs down but with over 400 color pictures and limited production runs (minimum order = 10) it's just not possible. Since the Hammond market is a very small target audience with fewer still who will take on this project, the manual was priced at $250.00US plus shipping. I'm sorry but after digitizing the manual (as people requested) no one buys the hard copy and my last order sat on the shelf for over a year. The download (pdf) is printable but you really only need to print the pages you would want at the worksite.

This is a first. No one has written a comprehensive manual like this to date.

Wayne Prue

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