Cleaning & Polishing Keys

fantastic ;-)

After. trying many different methods, the thing I find that works best is to soak the keys, hanging from a rack above large tubs of hot water with some "Fantastic" in the water and then one by one, clean with a cloth and a tooth brush in the corners. Don't soak the felts...

Tub for cleaning keys

Tub for cleaning keys2

Fill tub with hot water
to a level just below the felts

Leave them soak for at
least an hour then wipe clean

Funky lables

Clean presets

Funky lables2

Unless you put new labels

I prefer this

To this

Clean keys

Find something to lay out the keys on

Polishing ;-(

After. cleaning, the older keys, up to somewhere in the mid 60's, can be polished with a cloth wheel and jeweler's rouge but don't try it on organs made after 1970. They will melt. Always test one first just to be on the safe side.


Polishing keys

Polishing keys3

Polished preset keys


Polished keys

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