Drawbars & Drawbar Base

Typo in manual ;-(

Typo in B3 manual! please make note of this or print it. On page #80 fig# 236 it reads:
1K resistor and this should be 1 ohm not (1k) 1000 ohms ;-) Thanks Wayne

Drawbar contact powder

Contacts (Before)

Contacts (after)

Oxidation in base

drawbar contacts

After cleaning

Under the drawbar base

Under drawbar base2

Base clean

Under drawbar base

A good way to clean

drawbar base walls

Showing the contact bars

The red arrow is showing the contact bars

Drawbar base

Clean drawbars

Arrows showing oxidation build up

And here, they're finished

Drawbars laid out

Drawbar knobs cleaned

Drawbars laid out2



After cleaning

drawbar springs1

drawbar springs2

final notes:

When the drawbars get really bad, it's best just to remove and clean them.
Note the difference on the right, the 1st. 9 are clean.

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