The Generator

Animation of man with wheel

Picture of tone generator

The Heart of the Hammond

Pic of zinc hair in gen
zinc hair cleaned
compairison..zinc hair gone

Zinc oxide!

In the three pictures above: far left and right you can see the Hammond hairs.
The centre pic is after cleaning. Zinc oxide formation or Hammond hairs . This is not
a fun job but with a can of DeoxIT, a box of Q-Tips and a day, this is the result.

Pic of 1964 B3 generator

This is from my 1964 B3 After cleaning

Picture of generator from 1964

1964 B3 generator

This is also from my 1964 showing the fact that it has no R.C. network. Normally, it would be where the X is. The R.C. network is an added set of filters introduced in early 1964 and this one is early 64 One of only between 150 and 200 ever made without the R.C. network.

Picture of new gen felt

Pic of tech fixing coil wire

At left, a new felt cover has been made for the generator
and on the right, a tech fixes a broken coil wire.

Picture of generator standing on end
Pic of gen table
gen in jig
Pic of tone wheel

Pic of gen screws (tighten down)

Tightening down the screws can reduce cross talk

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