1964 B3

Hammond B3
with a 21H and a first
Generation 122 leslie Speaker


Also installed is a Bill Brown (BB organ) active EQ, reverb, two Leslie switches, a foot switch for the Leslie speeds on the expression pedal and a hot switch to put the left hand bass punch to the pedals. A mod was included to maintain the volume when the percussion volume (normal / soft) switch is activated to normal. The foam has been removed, drawbar base cleaned, generator flushed, pedals are like new and have been cleaned. All switches and contacts have been done.

The Leslie switches, reverb, EQ and hot switch are not shown in the pics as this picture was taken before installing anything. First a look at the finished organ ... And yes! this is the original finish. This B3 is one out of between 150 and 200 of it's kind ever made and that's because the generator has no "RC" network. This only happened for the first few months in 1964.

Animation of a flame

Overveiw picture of a 1964 B3

More info & docs:

TThis organ had only been moved 3 times in it's life and one of those times was to bring it here. The organ never had a Leslie hookup and the switch you see hanging there is temporary until I decide on a duo switch setup. Below is showing the original bill of sale. There is also the certificate of ownership and the owners playing guide and they're in great shape.

Photo of the original bill of sale

Picture of the original user manual

Picture of sales certificate

Picture of the serial number plate

Pictue of inside the 1964 B3 (right)

Pictue of inside the 1964 B3-center

Pictue of inside the 1964 B3 (right)

Inside left

Inside Center

Inside Right

Open cab picture

cab without music desk

1964 B3 cab

Open front no keyboards

Picture of clean generator

Is this clean or what!

Below is a view of the manuals
showing that no rust had developed.

Pic no rust in manuals

Below is a shot of the contacts and bus bar adjusters.

Picture of the contact springs

Picture of round busbars

Generator with
no RC Network

Picture of the generator

Base Unit

Picture of the pedal base

Picture of pedals

Finished pedals

Picture of underside of pedals

Picture of bare manuals

Picture of 1964 B3

Picture of 1964 B3 closed

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