A-100 Semi Chop

Hammond A-100
The first year they were made


This is like a mini B3. 5" narrower in depth and no more removing doors when used as a gig organ. Also with a few more mods to the cab, this could be a road warrior or rental organ. For the home, this size will go into places where a B or C won't go. Starting at the end, here is the finished organ.

Picture of the serial number plate


Wires will be tucked away

Organ mate reverb removed

Overhead picture of A-100

Picture of A-100 with the back closed

Picture of A-100 from the front

Back cover removed

Refinished cabinet

Cab with new back

Picture of the A-100 with open back

Picture of A-100 empty cab (front)

Picture of A-100 cab from back

The older Hammonds
used brass plates

And as you can see
I like brass

Picture of brass plates on A-100

Picture of brass start/run switch

Bench has been

Great pedals

Picture of A-100 bench

Picture of A-100 pedals

The tone generator
The Heart of the Hammond organ

New generator felts
floor and top

Picture of generator

Picture of new felt on generator

The pedal contacts
have buss bars also

Bass pedal unit

Picture of A-100 bass pedal unit

Picture of the pedal contacts