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B3 organs "viewing only"
Vintage "tone wheel" B3s & Leslies

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Reconditioned Hammond B3s & Leslies displayed only (not for sale)
All Hammond B3 organs have been sold. This site is for viewing only and to support
The Hammond B3 Disassembly & Restoration Manual for Non-Technicians

Hammond b3 tone wheel organs (especially A/B/C series) are getting more scarce. Many have
already been taken to other countries or chopped. Others have simply been destroyed from
abuse reducing the number of original condition Hammonds available. Unfortunately
it is only a matter of time before there are no more to be found in salvageable
condition. I hope that this time doesn't come soon because the vintage
"tone wheel" Hammonds will never be made again. No one not even
Hammond has come up with an organ equal to the original
tone wheel masterpiece

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Hammond B3
Disassembly & Restoration

I've received so many requests for information on how to do certain jobs, that
I decided to write a step by step "how to manual" for the Hammond B3
The index (shown on the page) covers the general topics
with many sub-topics not listed


A few tunes from my cd

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Leslie Gallery

Pictures of Leslie speakers

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