Letter from Yoshi

1970 Hammond B3 with 122 Leslie

Yoshimi Sumikawa yoshimi@avcom.co.jp
TEL 81-827-22-6543
FAX 81-827-22-6542
4-20-8 Marifucho Iwakuni,city
Yamaguchi,JAPAN. 740-0018
But first! Yoshi at my shop

Picture of Yoshi with B3

And next his wife's group


B3 is her group's new weapon! "my wife is with dog"
Yoshi's company "Avcom" is a professional sound company
and has been supplying the shows that travel to Japan for 18 years.
Yoshi is a very friendly person and I enjoyed
meeting and doing business with him.

Picture of Yoshi's wife and Her group

Letter from Yoshimi Sumikawa

Letter from Yoshi

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